Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Fun Advent

I love summertime, and of course, it always goes by too quickly.  This summer I want to make sure my family and I enjoy everyday doing something that promotes quality time.  After searching my brain and the internet, I have compiled a list of summer activities to do together.

To make my list fun for my two year old, I printed off the activities and glued each one on a popsicle  stick.  He gets to pick one or two sticks everyday depending on the amount of energy I have that day.  Most of these activities are relatively easy, meaning they can be done with little planning or preparation. 


One of the activities is to visit our local farmers market.  Our town has some incredibly talented people, including a young boy named Landon who was making and selling marshmallow catapults.  Of course we bought one for .50 cents and it is now one of our favorite toys.  I wanted to share this picture because I think it would be so fun to make with your kids!

I hope to continue this tradition each summer and add new activities as my kids get older. 

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