Sunday, July 21, 2013

Firework Oreo Chex Mix

For the 4th of July this year, we celebrated by going to the annual city parade, barbequing with family, and to top it off.... fireworks!   Not only did we end the night watching fireworks, we also experienced "fireworks" in our mouths.

Attending firework shows has always been a favorite July tradition.  As a child I watched with amazement at the colorful lights with the loud booms.  Then as a teenager, cuddling up to a love interest and having an excuse to lay extra close. And now as a parent, I love watching my kids' eyes as they stare in awe and glance at me with a look that says, "what is going on?".   Great holiday.

I was so excited to surprise my family with this chex mix that is made with crushed oreo cookies, white chocolate, and...pop rocks.   The pop rocks provide the "firework" sensation.  It was fun to hype up the special fireworks in our mouths to our two year old.  We all loved it and will now be a tradtion to do every 4th of July.

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