Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fluffernutter Cookie

Peanut butter and marshmallow are not strangers.  They are deliciously paired together in the classic sandwich from my childhood, the Fluffernutter. 

I remember my mom making fluffernutters often; which if you are not aware, are a peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich.   I loved eating them for lunch since I thought of them as a dessert or treat.

Naturally, combining marshmallow and peanut butter again with the addition of chocolate into a cookie was a huge success.  These are my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe.  They are soft and dense with peanut butter.   I made them egg free by substituting 1/2 cup greek yogurt for the egg and they turned out great.   Next time I make these, I am going to try substituting a mashed banana to replicate the "Elvis Presley Sandwich".

Inspired by: Sally's Baking Addiction

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